Is there diacetyl in your e-juice?

VistaVapors has been proactive in dealing with Diacetyl, Pentanedione, Acetyl Propionyl, and Acetoin. We feel this is a very important issue that needs to be addressed in the vaping industry. In 2013, we began contacting our suppliers and requesting that they discontinue using any ingredients that we, or they, feel might be harmful.  As a result, there are several additional ingredients that we have begun to limit in the process we use for manufacturing. Due to this, several flavors were removed from our site in 2013.

Currently, to the best of our knowledge, these ingredients are not in our product. However, we feel that relying on our flavor manufacturers processes doesn’t provide enough assurance. This is a new issue for the flavor manufacturing industry and it has become evident that independent testing is a viable safety precaution.   

Recently, we contacted an independent lab to begin extensive testing on our flavoring.  As test results come back we will evaluate the data and react accordingly. Our plan is to have every flavor tested.  If anything comes back as positive, we will either remove or reconfigure the flavor accordingly.

Our goal is to be able to state that our ingredients supply chain is clean of all potentially problematic ingredients and to provide independent lab tests to verify it. If you are especially concerned about these ingredients from any company, there seem to be certain types of flavor which typically are “repeat offenders.” They fall into the flavor compounds used to make buttery/creamy flavors such as popcorn.

It is especially important to us that our e-juice does not contain harmful ingredients as not only do we provide e-juice to our customers, but also ourselves, our friends, and family whom all vape our e-juice.

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